Murfreesboro Heating and Air Conditioning is what we do, excellent service is who we are!

Our Background…

Total Trans4mation of Murfreesboro, TN was founded by HVAC journeymen Ryan Kennedy. Ryan has worked in the HVAC industry for a combined 12 years. Ryan has a background in business management, remodeling, plumbing, electrical, and residential HVAC.

Our vision…

As Ryan began to develop the vision for Total Trans4mation, he had two objectives he wanted to reach.

The First Objective: "Do whatever it takes to create a business that will reflect his faith in God and the love he has for his community."

Ryan understands that not everyone believes in God, but he hopes that even those who don't will at least see that his faith is what drives him to be the friendly, caring person that he is. His convictions are the driving force behind his ultimate goal which is to never have a dissatisfied customer. Some may find that goal to be unrealistic. But Ryan believes that if you are honest, treat people right, and do a good job for them, they will know that you value them and their property. It's pretty hard to express dissatisfaction towards someone who truly has their heart set on making you joyful. Ryan truly believes that this approach will help his company grow and thus help him to achieve the second part of the company's vision.

The Second Objective: "Use the company's revenue as a tool to help those who are less fortunate."

Ryan really enjoys helping those less fortunate, as he has spent many years reaching out to those in need. His ultimate goal is to provide jobs, education, and funding for individuals and ministries who are trying their best to overcome tough times. Of course, many of the engineers in our industry have other visions of advancing and utilizing technology, which we embrace also. The truth however is that our heart for community involvement keeps us from making technology our sole focus. As we move forward, we will be diligent in staying current with the latest technology as well as in tuned with our community's needs.

Murfreesboro heating and cooling guysOur Perspective…

What ever happened to the good old days where the people who took care of you saw you as friends and not just customers? It seems as though people today have had to settle for being “the customer” and not someone who’s personally valued. Think about the Andy Griffith show for instance. Gomer Pyle was a friend first and a Gas Station attendant second. So was his brother Goober the mechanic and Floyd the barber. At Total Trans4mation, they want to transform the expectations people have for customer service by showing them that they are friends first and customers second. Friends should treat people right and take time out to make sure they do a good job for them. Great service is what our customers expect and that’s exactly what we’re going to give them - nothing less!

Our Promise…

Nothing says customer service like getting the most money for your buck! For this reason, Total Trans4mation offers a complimentary two year labor warranty on all HVAC installations in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. This labor warranty is one year longer than the one year industry standard. When we come out to inspect or repair your system, we take time to go the extra mile. Not only do we make sure your job is done right, but we also take the time to inspect your system while we are there. We will check your refrigerant levels, inlet and outlet temperature, condenser coils, fan motors, condensation drainage, thermostat, and filter as part of our 7-step check point courtesy inspection. Providing a service like this can save you a lot of money in efficiency and future repairs. Won’t it be nice knowing you have a technician that is willing to look at more than just the area needing repair?

Our Heart…

Being a former youth and family minister, Ryan has heard the cries and struggles that people in his community are dealing with. Ryan is married with two children of his own so he knows a thing or two about the importance of family. More importantly, he knows how hard it is to try and raise a family when the cards are stacked against you. Ryan loves helping those who are in need which is partly the reason why he named the company Total Trans4mation. Why is this important? Total Trans4mation is not only focused on improving your living environment, they're focused on improving our community! Ryan uses a portion of the company’s proceeds to help provide funding for local non-profits and those who are in need.This is worth mentioning because Total Trans4mation wants their customers to know that their money is not just going to a good company, it’s also going to a good cause! Ryan has a vision to provide training for individuals who lack career skills as well as employment for those in need. “More than just a business”, reflects this vision because Total Trans4mation isn't about making money; it's about using money to make a difference!

Our standards

F.I.E.L.D. stands for…

  • Friendly - to the customers
  • Informative - of their needs
  • Experienced - in the field
  • Loyal - to every task
  • Determined - to do the job right

Every new member of our team has to attend the F.I.E.L.D. program before we allow them to enter your home or place of business. If our customer's don't appreciate the service we provide and the manner in which we do it, we have already failed them. That's the reason the program is so important. We pride ourselves in getting great reviews from our customers and we will stop at nothing to make sure you appreciate the experience you had with us.

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