Murfreesboro Heating and air conditioning repairs in Murfreesboro and Middle TN

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Murfreesboro Repair calls are probably the scariest calls to make because you never know if you’re getting an honest person who’s well trained, or something else. Lack of character and training are very common problems in our industry and we have seen countless situations of people being ripped off. The most common cases are people being convinced they need a new unit when they don’t. Another VERY common problem is technicians not knowing how to properly apply refrigerant to your unit. Many technicians today are using an outdated method in applying refrigerant to your system called the “feel test”. They declare the unit charged when a large copper line called the “suction line” turns ice cold, or when heat starts coming out the top of the outdoor unit. Today’s units MUST be checked in the proper manner or they will become overcharged and cause serious, costly damage.

Tired of paying drive out fees?

Unfortunately, drive out fees are all too common in the heat and air industry. Many home and business owners have tried to avoid paying the fees by hiring a non-licensed, uninsured technician to come out and do the work instead. One of the things we’ve done to earn your business is put a stop to those costly drive out fees so your home can get the service it deserves. No drive out fees for customers within 25 miles of Murfreesboro!

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