Air Conditioning - Brands We Recommend

When it comes to buying your new HVAC system, the brand you purchase matters!

Why? Not all brands are created equal: Consumer Reports rates American Standard as the most reliable cooling system on the market which is why we proudly stand by this American made product. Some brands are specifically designed cheaper for low budget customers such as new construction sales or someone selling a home. American Standard is designed for homeowners who plan on staying in their home for a long time and want their new system to be quiet, efficient & reliable.

What makes American Standard “THE BEST” option?

american standardWe carry American Standard for one reason only, because that’s the brand we would put on our house! We choose to do business with American Standard because they have the lowest call backs, complaints and warranty repair numbers in the industry. We believe this to be true because we service all brands and American Standard is the brand that we have the fewest problems with. We literally made the decision about what brand to carry based on what brand we expect to have the fewest problems with.

What you need to know about warranties!

When it comes to looking at the warranty, there is a significant difference between a parts warranty and a labor warranty!

Don’t get conned into believing every system is the same just because they have a similar parts warranty. If you buy a cheaper system, you still run the risk of being inconvenienced every time your system breaks! Even worse, you have to take time off from work and pay extra money for some company’s labor to fix it because having a parts warranty just means that the manufacture will only replace the defective part. If you’re spending thousands of dollars on a new system, you can save money down the road by doing it right the first time around!

So who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? How about a Parts + Labor Warranty!

If you are purchasing a new system, you will definitely want to check out our bi-annual “Total Package” maintenance plan. This is a monster maintenance plan that gives you two cleanings per year and covers 100% of all labor and material costs on your new system for a period of up to 10 years. We simply set you up on recurring payments to automatically draft your account every month or you can pay an up front annual premium. Your monthly rate should be listed to the right of this brochure. The rate that we quoted will be locked in and the benefits will remain the same for as long as you make your payments and remain current. You can cancel the plan at any time. To qualify for this plan you must apply and be set up within the first 30 days of your installation. Certain brands, designs, etc. may not apply.

What you need to know about hiring an installer!

high efficiency unitDid you know that poor installation practices are THE #1 cause of new systems breaking down within 1-5 years of their installation?

A new HVAC system that has been properly installed can last about 10-15 years without a major repair as long as it’s installed and maintained properly. When you are talking about new equipment that is going to cost you thousands of dollars to purchase, you want to make sure the job is done right the first time.

checklistHow do we make sure the job is done right?

Our installers are required to fill out a very extensive installation checklist for every job. This helps to ensure that every part of your installation is done correctly and fine-tuned for maximum performance.


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