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truckThe 1-Hour Window

One of the benefits we offer that our customers love is the 1-hour guaranteed arrival time. If we schedule an appointment to diagnose a problem, we will be there within 1 hour of the scheduled arrival time, which is considered very timely in the service industry. If we don’t make it to your home within the 1-hour window that is promised, then your 1 hour diagnostic is waived completely. (1-hour window does not apply during after hour calls due to limited available staff)

techSales vs Service

Repair calls are probably the scariest calls to make because you never know if you’re getting an honest technician who’s not on commission, or someone who’s just going to try and sell you a new system or at least some fancy new features. High pressure sales and lack of training are two very common problems in our industry today. Over the years, we have seen countless situations of people being told that they need a new system when all they needed was a simple repair. Total Trans4mation is proud to say that we do not believe in high pressure sales or misleading people for personal gain. Honesty has and always will be our #1 focus when it comes to giving our customers a recommendation for a repair or a replacement. In fact, our technicians are trained to give you multiple options with as much information as possible to help you make the best informed decision for you and your budget. Larger companies are heavily reliant on new equipment sales and they all have a sales manager in place who is constantly

york certifited comfort expert

York Certified Technicians

There’s an old saying when it comes to companies having a hard time deciding on whether or not to spend money on their technicians receiving additional training. “What happens if we spend all this money training our technicians and they decide to leave”! After all, it is a major expense to pay for a week long class at nearly $1,000 per technician not including the cost of paying for the technicians hourly rate for the week. That’s a lot of investment in training your service technicians and a whole lot of time they could have been out on the job making their company more money. The problem with making that decision is that an untrained technician can cause a whole lot more problems then what they can fix. An even more important question is; “What happens if you don’t decide to train your service technicians and they decide to stay”. This is the reason why we choose to send our technicians to become York Certified, because in the end a better trained technician is great for our customers time and their budget, and it’s equally great for our bottom line as a company.

24 Hour Service

For your convenience, we have a live operator in place that will be available to answer your phone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also have technicians that are on “stand-by” in case you need someone to come to your home or place of business after hours. For 24 hour service call 615-900-6873


Great Service, Great Communication

One great thing about having a mobile customer database is having the ability to make sure that all your invoices are verifiably delivered, legible, informative, and resourceful. The data base that we use maintains every system’s work history that shows service dates, times, work description, previous charges and shows the names of the previous technicians who worked on the system. We also keep a record of the model and serial number of your unit (s) which is great in case the label ever wears off and we need to order a part for it. The technicians enter all the invoice information with the use of a tablet which means you get a typed invoice that’s easy to read instead of trying to read a handwritten invoice on a carbon copy that may not be legible. We also wanted to make sure that all our invoices are universal and informative, so we came up with a formula called D.R.E.W. which is an acronym for…

  • Diagnosis (what we found)
  • Recommendation (what we recommend)
  • Estimate (what the recommendation will cost)
  • Work Performed (what we did)

This formula helps to give our technicians a simple guide which minimizes the possibility of something important being left out of your invoice. The invoice will also have a “What’s next?” column which is basically our way of communicating what the next step is in case any sort of follow up is required.

Right Tech, Right Job

ac techOne thing we strongly believe in is hiring good technicians that have high character and are well trained. We have a saying that we use in team meetings all the time which is; “Right Technician, Right Job”. We don’t want a maintenance technician or a duct work guy doing your HVAC diagnosis because service is not their specialty. We make sure the technician you are getting is experienced and capable of diagnosing the problem correctly the first time. We also make sure that our technicians are well trained in how to properly add refrigerant because overcharging a system has become a very common repair call. Our years of field experience has revealed that many technicians aren’t using the mandatory instruments and tools necessary to make an appropriate repair. Today’s R410 units MUST be accurately charged in the precise and appropriate manner or it can cause serious, costly damage to your system. Total Trans4mation is very committed to making sure your technician has all the tools and training they need to diagnose the problem and do the job correctly the first time!

Our Repair Strategy

Many people don’t realize the financial sacrifice that it takes to outfit each service vehicle with all the tools, instruments and parts needed to do repairs correctly. It also cost thousands of dollars in payroll every year to teach and train our technicians how to do their jobs correctly. We believe it is imperative for a service company to train their technicians and give them all the tools and parts they need to service your home correctly. The alternative as you can imagine is probably not going to be in your best interest. We teach our technicians that “if you’re not testing, you’re guessing” which usually creates the high probability of a misdiagnosis. Some companies worry about spending thousands of dollars on tools and training their technicians for fear that the technicians will lose the tools or they’ll eventually leave and go somewhere else. We believe that our company’s growth is dependent upon having good word of mouth and maintaining a good reputation which is why we make customer service and training our primary focus. Our technicians are well trained to treat each customer in the same manner that they would want to be treated. Our customers appreciate the fact that we grade our technicians by how many customers they satisfy, not by how many units they sell!

heating repair

Heating repair

50% Off service call with same day furnace repair or approval

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furnace repair

Furnace repair

50% Off service call with same day heat pump repair or approval

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heat pump repair

Heat pump repair

Free service call with same day heat pump installation or approval

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thermostat repair

Thermostat repair

10% Off any thermostat repair

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ac repair

AC repair

50% Off service call with same day AC repair or approval

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Mini Split repair

50% Off service call with same day mini split repair or approval

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Ductwork repair

10% Off any ductwork repair job

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